SunBright USA, Inc.

SunBright is a precision metal and plastic parts manufacturer that offers fast, competitively priced component manufacturing while maintaining excellent quality standards. With sourcing partners across the globe, SunBright provides superior account management as well as the added ease of convenient storage and reliable delivery. Allow us to take the stress out of sourcing and let us do the work for you. SunBright get you the parts you need simply, quickly, and at a better cost.

Our Team

From account management and engineering support to warehousing and delivery, every member of the SunBright team is dedicated, efficient and knowledgeable. And they’re there to help you make your product procurement process as seamless as possible.

Our account managers will be on call throughout your entire project to answer questions and provide assistance. Most importantly, they’ll make sure you get the exact parts you want, when you want them. They will find the product solutions that fit your needs and budget, and they’ll follow up to make sure you received exactly what you needed.

Rob Spinello


“We’re more than a sourcing company. We’re a team that will carefully manage every step of your parts procurement process. We’ll make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for in a timely manner. And we promise we won’t let you down.”

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